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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Viking Hot Talk: WEEK 15


Well it is week 15 in the NFL already with two games finished. Man what a disappointment the Cincinnati Bengals have become. With there loss to the 49ers last night they are now in the running for a top 10 pick. I am guessing they will be picking some defensive help. How about that thursday night game. Who would you take with your first pick now Mario or Reggie, I am thinking Mario is a very good pickup for the Texans. Him alongside Okoye is going to make for a very dominant d-line for years to come.

There are some other interesting matchups coming up as well. Buffalo at Cleveland really intrigues me as well. Both teams seem to be on the up and up and they are both are vying for a wild card spot. Who knows if the Steelers lose to the Jags maybe Cleveland could even make a run at the division title. I remember reading a Pro Football Weekly at the Denver Intn'l Airport and laughing at a columnist who picked the Browns to win the division. Boy who is laughing now. This Browns team is looking better and better each week. Derek Anderson looks like he could be the next great find behind Tony Romo & Tom Brady. When was the last time an Arizona vs. New Orleans game had any significance to the playoff picture.

Then there is the big Monday Night game for our beloved Vikings. Hopefully Thursday nights incident with Dwight Smith is more of a wake up call than another stupid act that will bring the team down. Why is it that right when you think things are getting better some idiot has to pull an idiotic stunt like this. I am not as mad at the fact that he smoked the reef, I am more ticked at the timing of it. I really wonder what the heck Fat Pat was doing with him. Sometimes they say guilty by association but I am an optimist and hope that he was there trying to straighten out a tough situation. Nevertheless the often troubled Dwight Smith is going to actually play Monday night. Does this mean Childress has softened? No it means we have no other safeties at this time. If Doss or Tank were healthy they would be sitting him down but since they are both banged up they have no choice but to hope any charges up against him or hearings about it are pushed back until the season is over.

Where are all you Childress bashers now. Why is it when things are going bad in Minnesota the coach gets all the blame. " Fire that SOB right now". I would hear and read on blogs. But now you hear silence. Maybe a few changing tune but mostly silence. Where are you know Chilly bashers. I have stuck by this guy thru thick and thin and it is starting to pay off. By no means does one 4 game winning streak make a great coach but it goes to show that patience is very important and once the players start to understand his and his assistants philosophies things will only get better and better. The other who needs to be given more credit and we need to also continue in being patient with him is TJack. I think he has all the tools except for experience. Once he gets a couple of seasons worth of games under his belt I believe that Daunte will be forgotten and we will be extremely happy with this guy. So for you Chilly Bashers it is time to start warming up a plate of crow because it's looking like you will probably be eating it. Skol Vikes!!!

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Snydes said...

I will be the first one to bash Childress. Les Steckler could call plays for this team. AD left, Chester right and vice versa. I will agree on T Jack. He seems to be injury prone.

CyBot said...

First of all his name is Steckel and second of all you are too young to remember what kind of a play caller Steckel was. He was good enough to go 3-13 which Childress isn't even close to having finished. How can someone be injury prone when he hasn't even finished his first full season yet. So does this mean that AD is injury prone as well.

Daddy Lars said...

Well as an old Viking fan (been around since Capp ,PP Eaters etc) I have already given my wife the recipe for crow pot pie, after Greens idiotic display with the clock at their last run in the playoffs against the Falcons the Vikings Liscence plate frame on the old truck has been turned upside down , well its right side up again and lets hope their fate is in more then the coaches hand. Go Vikes we want more T & A -Taylor and Adrian HOOAH!!!

CyBot said...

Well Green is gone but that feeling that all of us vikings fans will always remain. The feeling that it is too good to be true. Hopefully the Childress era will change this gutwrenching feeling. Hopefully your licenseplate stays on the right side up and we make the playoffs with a winning record and not the .500 record that qualified us the last time. Skol Vikes.

Daddy Lars said...

Well they did it again, but it wasn't pretty, first off the Refs were great the upstairs call on the TD changed the Vikes stride.
The special Teams title has to go to the Bears, no the Vikes ,no the Bears. The Defence Shucks K & P Williams looked good ,the secondary, well they did intercept for the win nice way to end the game. Offense,I was thinking more Chester less Adrian his inexperience showed and he seems to have misplaced his swivel and I was happy to see Bolinger come in its just to bad Childress let an injury make his descision for him.They were lucky that the Bears offense was off, because their defense was kicking !@#!%. The kicker "Longneck" needs to take a little practice while the rest of the team is practicing tackles after all this ain't Flag Football it was called tackle football on my street. 5 in a ROW uffda!!

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