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Well Hello out there. Welcome to Vikings Hot Talk. I will be your host Cyrus Bahr. Just to let you in on what I plan to do on this blog, I hope to raise some interest in some of my opinions on the Minnesota Vikings and other sporting issues out there. I hope to get our fan base out there to voice there opinion in a free but tactful way. I hope to generate a little controversy with some of the local columnists like Mike McNegative, aka Mike McFeely. Enough about me. What about you people out there. I want you to voice your opinion. Without you this site will not be possible. So let's speak our minds. Lets talk sports and lets see what people really know out there.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hot Talk Vikings: Monday Night Madness in Viking Country.

Well once again we had a very close and competitive game against the Bears. This was a very closely fought battle and we all had to have known it was going to be this way. Every time we play these guys it is a nail biter and last night was no different. We won in somewhat ugly fashion but these are the dog days of December and it is meat grinding time. I give Kudos to Childress for turning this season around. I know all you naysayers out there will reply but that Plate of Crow is looking like it is almost ready to serve. All that I can say is go Philly and Buffalo. Do you realize that we can very possibly be a 5 seed in this conference?

Here is a shot out to Jim Souhan of the Star Trib. and all of you negative nellies out there. Why is it that there is always a few fans of the purple out there that always have got to rain on the purple parade. Souhan writes that TJack has still got a lot to learn and that he pretty much played terrible last night. If he truly played terribly than why did we win. Why did we have 375 yards of total offense. I know he threw 3 picks and had 1 fumble. But the first pick and fumble were clearly not his fault. So in reality 2 of the to's were his fault. But isn't the good supposed to outweigh the bad. I saw alot more good throws than bad throws. What about the strike to Kleinsasser in the seam. What about finding Boddy Wade multiple times when we needed a first down. How about that throw on 3rd and 10 to Fergie that nearly ended up a 70 yard plus td which would have set a Vikings Record. He only completed 64 % of his passes and threw for a career high 245 yards. Sure he didn't play the perfect game but he played far from terrible. It is so funny how our fans have such good memories when it comes to mistakes but they never remember the good plays. We all knew going in to this season that TJack would have his ups and downs. Then I was on the Viking Update Purple Thoughts thread and someone actually thought that his leg cramps were an act and that cramps shouldn't keep you out of the game. BS. Have any of you had leg cramps while playing football. It is absolutely impossible to play on because it hurts so damn bad. They though he was faking the injury because it was getting too tough. Bullpucky, this guy is tougher than we give him credit for. Did you see him get blasted by the Bears defender when he threw his 2nd pick. He came back from that. I was just waiting for a phone call from my stubborn brother-in-law saying "see I told you he was injury prone." Remember being injury prone is more about luck than is about that individual. TJack is one tough cookie regardless what some of you there think.

So now come the Redskins another game that will be very hard fought. The Redskins are still alive in the playoff hunt so this could be a very tough game. Then on to Denver where I am the most concerned but we shall jump that hurdle when it nears. Skol Vikings!!!!

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Trade Torii Guy said...

I'm not sold on Jackson yet Cyrus. That first pick wasn't his fault, but the other two were and one of them was terrible. I think he has a future but still looks a little confused, sometimes a lot confused. I think the injury to Winfield is a concern as well, and your brother-in-law has terrible gas.

CyBot said...

Well trade Torii guy I think that he threw 2 bad ones as well but what about some of the other nice throws he had. He actually showed me something in some very clutch situations. I don't think he looks nearly confused as he did earlier in the year.We are going to half to expect him to make mistakes at this stage in his career. I work with a guy who is a big Packer fan and from what he saw TJack do he said he reminds him of Favre in his earlier days when he would try to make too much happen. Also, Winfield's injury isn't nearly as bad as originally thought either it is only a strained pectoral muscle something that I believe will not keep him out of more than one game. By the way who are you, you have got to be someone we know since you know my brother-in-law has terrible gas. Our guess is that you are either Muller or Weber one of the two. Skol Vikings!

Online Billboards said...

Your Doing A Super Job Cy...


Snydes said...

Winfield is a key to the defense, but let the truth be told, it all starts up front on both sides of the ball.

CyBot said...

You are very correct there Snydes and that is why I think that we have an advantage. Our oline is coming together as well as our DLine and this is where games are won in December in the trenches. I have confidence we can win out we have just got to play a little better than we played last week. Skol Vikings!

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