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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hot Talk Minnesota Vikings: Stunning turnaround leaves 'Skins in control of playoff fate.

Well it was a tough loss against the Skins. TJack had some more growing pains but what do you expect most guys in there first full season do. I know there will be people calling for Childress head but guess what guys he is going to be our coach next year as well. We cannot give up though. There is still one more week and we are still in the playoff hunt. With the exception of a couple of years ( I have been a die hard since 1980), it seems like this is something I say every year. I will be at the Denver game so hopefully they pull one out of there you know what and hopefully (gulp) Dallas wins. I say gulp because I have never rooted for the Cowboys in my entire life until next week. It will be OK thought since Brad will probably be starting for them next week.

Back to the game. It was a tough loss not because I thought we would win but because TJack got us into a hole right away. Now this is going to happen when you have a young QB but we knew this was going to be a roller coaster season with him going in anyway.I still like what I saw in the 2nd half. They didn't lay down and showed me that they have heart. I am a little confused about AP not playing much in the 2nd half but my guess is that he isn't pass protecting very well and that the running game was useless to us at that point anyway. Hopefully it isn't too discouraging for AP because he looked kind of ticked on the sideline. The play that ticked me off the most was the first pick not necessarily because we threw it but because of who picked it off. Fred Smoot the second I saw him pick it I had really bad feelings about this game it was like a very bad omen. Also I have to give Kudos to Joe Gibbs for that challenge. That was the final nail in the coffin. You could just see the dome deflate after that challenge. That is another topic as well. They need to totally get rid of the instant replay. Because the play before it looked too me like Moss's feet were not in and Childress didn't even get a chance to look at the replay. They need to get rid of it if there is going to be crap like this going on.

So really we shouldn't be disappointed and we should be happy with how this season panned out as a whole. Going into this season I expected to be 8-8 or 9-7 with a possible surprise playoff run and that is exactly how it is turning out. Last year I said we would be around 7-9 or 8-8 and I wasn't far off either. Now we aren't out of it yet but I want to talk about next year already. I think with a couple of big free agents next year this team could be one of the best teams in the conference. I truly believe that Jackson will be a much better qb next year but we need a safety net as a backup. NO not Brooks or Holcomb either, I am thinking someone like Chad Pennington, a smart qb who doesn't lose games by making mistakes. Someone whom Tarvaris can learn from. Then I think Childress should suck it up and call Shaun Hill back as our third string qb. This guy has actually looked pretty good the last 3 weeks and actually deserves to be a backup somewhere. He looks like a good fit for a west coast type of offense. Hope everyone his having a merry xmas and see you in Denver where I hope to be bloggin to you from there as well. Happy holidays. Skol Vikings!!!

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GON2DLK said...

In regards to the Skins game...yes it is true that the offense led by TJack let us down in this game. But I would argue that the defense also did not live up to the expectations we have come to expect over the past 5 weeks. The corners did not seem to play very tight coverage and redskins receivers were wide open. We also gave up several longer runs on the evening.

I really feel we lost this game on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

Conspiracy???? Well the NFL, I am sure, was glad to see the Vikings lose. This gives reason for fans of two more teams (NO and Wash) to watch games this weekend. More drama, more viewers. IF the Vikings had won, there would be very little reason to watch any games this weekend. Maybe a deal was struck behind closed doors and in return for "taking a dive" the team will be rewarded with a guaranteed victory in Denver and a guaranteed Dallas win. Just a thought...

I'm second thought, I think we are along ways from being treated like the GB Packers football franchise.

Thanks for the blog CB.

CyBot said...

I agree with all said but the reason our defense was not as strong is because we are without Antoine Winfield. With him we are that much better against the run and the pass. He is as underrated as they come.

Online Billboards said...

Hot Talk: Yea the Vikng will always let you down. At least they always seem to find a way. jim

Online Billboards said...

What did Mike McFeely have to say about the big loss I didnt read the mighty fargo forum?

CyBot said...

He didn't write anything about it in the daily forum I might have to check his blog out. He isn't giving me any ammo he must have heard I am out to get him.

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