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Well Hello out there. Welcome to Vikings Hot Talk. I will be your host Cyrus Bahr. Just to let you in on what I plan to do on this blog, I hope to raise some interest in some of my opinions on the Minnesota Vikings and other sporting issues out there. I hope to get our fan base out there to voice there opinion in a free but tactful way. I hope to generate a little controversy with some of the local columnists like Mike McNegative, aka Mike McFeely. Enough about me. What about you people out there. I want you to voice your opinion. Without you this site will not be possible. So let's speak our minds. Lets talk sports and lets see what people really know out there.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hot Talk Minnesota Vikings: Maybe Next Year

Well another season is over and another wait and until next year. I truly believe that this will be a team to be reckoned with next year. I attended the game in Denver and had a very enjoyable experience with the exception of a couple of fans that were needless to say a little rude. Aside from the Vikes losing the game I really thought that TJack played alot better than the two previous games. He led the team to the tie and really played very well in a very hostile environment. I was wondering why AP wasn't in the game more and was really puzzled by them using Mewelde Moore so much early in the game. I am kind of wondering if he didn't get in some type of trouble with head coach Childress. If anyone cost us this game it would definitely be Troy Williamson, if I were the Vikings management I would cut him ASAP. His drop was totally unexcusable and his time has got to be up because he has been given plenty of chances.
The offseason should be quite interesting with Minnesota. I am hoping that we are able to get a big name receiver this offseason, either free agent Bernard Berrian or maybe a trade for Larry Fitzgerald. I also believe we need to get a quality veteran qb to help Tarvaris Jackson grow and learn the nuances of the NFL. I think Chad Pennington would be the perfect fit. He is very good in the short passing game and is as intelligent as they come. Also a good TE would help this team improve, I really liked what I saw from Garret Mills on Sunday and I think he could be much more effective than Visanthe Shiancoe. Shiancoe has got to be one of the biggest disappointments of the season. I truly thought they had found another diamond in the rought with Shiancoe but he has proved me wrong. Another position I think we could use some help is at DE. I really think we should have a much better pass rush with players like Pat & Kevin Williams in the middle. Our pass defense did improve as the season wore on but the pass rush has gut to be better from your front four when you run the cover 2 defense.
Well with the end of another season means the end of fantasy football as well. I am in 4 different leagues, and led 3 of the leagues in scoring so I consider myself a fantasy football expert so to speak. I won a championship in my stubborn brother in laws league finally. I have made the playoffs every year but one in this league but was never able to win a championship. Well this year was different finally and I walked away with it in the playoffs. Having Tom Brady doesn't hurt but neither does having Marques Colston, Marshawn Lynch, Anquan Boldin, Josh Brown, Santonio Holmes, Wes Welker, and a pretty good Chargers D. If you can find a team that could field a better team than that then please let me know. I will be back to fend off all of those who wish they had a team as good as mine. Anyway hope everyone has a Happy New Year and Skol Vikings. I will be continuing this column thru the playoffs and offseason so don't go away now.

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